Professional Training and Development Courses for Staff, Supervisors, and Managers

We are pleased to announce the 2020 supervisor and managers leadership training – The Fiore Group Leadership Accelerator Program

Do your supervisors and managers know how to get the best performance from their team?
Do they have inherent leadership skills?
Can they coach their team members through to successful outcomes?

The Leadership Accelerator Program will provide you or your leadership team with an excellent foundation in all of the skills and behaviors that are required to be an outstanding supervisor and manager.

Modern supervisors and managers are needed to manage constant change. They motivate their team, deal with difficult people, and work to improve performance. Most leadership candidates and middle management have not received the proper training to do the job. How can we expect a stellar performance if we don’t provide the necessary tools to accomplish the task?

Once you or your team complete the supervisor and managers leadership training, you will return to your workplace with a toolbox full of essential management skills. You can use each one to guarantee your success in growing and managing yourself and others.
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Who Should Enroll in the Leadership Accelerator Program?

Anyone involved in managing people will have measurable benefits from the program.

  • First Time Managers

  • Supervisors

  • Team Leaders

  • Sales Managers

  • HR Professionals

Phil Eastwood, MA, CSP

Meet your instructor

Phil Eastwood is a professional consultant and trainer who assists organizations in providing engaging and progressive leadership training experiences to build positive and workplace cultures.

Phil is Senior Partner of Fiore Group Training Inc., which offers consulting and training in the areas of leadership, supervisory skills, conflict resolution, respectful workplace issues, workplace violence prevention, and interpersonal communication skills. Fiore Group Training has had the pleasure of working with a multitude of municipalities, public and private organizations, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and private businesses in a wide variety of industries.

Phil is a former London Bobby who shares insights with students in the Leadership Accelerator Program, the ideas and strategies from leadership experts, and executive research. He blends these best practices with his personal lessons learned along the path of his thirty-five-year career in policing on both sides of the Atlantic to his current role as Senior Partner of Fiore Group Training.

Today, Phil is one of Canada’s premier human resource training facilitators, specializing in leadership, personal development, respectful workplace behaviour and workplace violence prevention.

Phil holds a Master of Arts in Leadership and Training and has delivered corporate training since 1998. He is also an accomplished keynote speaker and is one of only 59 Certified Speaking Professionals (CSP) in Canada, having earned his designation in 2018. Phil ’s career has focused on working with people, and he has learned the power that professional and respectful communication can have in people’s lives.

What our students are saying...

“I’m very impressed…polished, professional, brilliant layout and combination of materials. I have to say that the approach of combining video with the attached exercises, useable resources and even detailed reading lists that clearly form the background of the content…fantastic! This feels unique for those reasons and although I’ve not done a lot of non-police online training, this combination of modalities for me is what I really enjoyed about the program.”